Specialist of Water and Energies supplies

Different areas of expertise

HYDRIMPEX makes equipment for Potable water works, irrigation, dams, sewerage, pumping and oil & gaz industry.

We produce indifferently pipes, fittings, valves, pumps and associated equipments. These productions in cast iron, PVC, PEHD and Steel propose a wide range of diameters (from the diameter 15 to 3000 mm) and of pressures (PN 10 to PN 40 and more).

Today, we look the future with confidence and reactivity, while maintaining a requirement of every moment for:

Competitive financial offers


Quality of our service based on the expertise and the technical skills of our team


Full management and control regarding the requirements bound to the export.


Specialist of Water and Energy professions

With your thanks, now

We are partner of international and local companies, for which we manage the supply of equipments for specific projects or stocks.